Phishing scammers are crafty and they don't give up!  This one had me going and I was more gullible than I'd like to admit. Here's a recent close call.

An e-mail from "Tsuyako" appeared in my inbox and it appeared to be an offer on a listing. Japanese people are generally considered honest and not the type of persons to try and hack a computer. At least that's the impression we have in Hawaii.  I thought this was an innocent looking e-mail.

tricky phishing spam message

I thought about it then clicked the link.  The link took me to this message. And note the "100% Secure" logo at the top - does it look legit?

google drive fake message

This message looks fishy - I mean phishy.  The document title P.D.pdf doesn't seem sensible.  I looked up the realtor's phone number and called her office.  The receptionist apologized quickly after I began explaining the reason for my call.  I wasn't the first person to call about this phishy e-mail!

Tsuyako followed up with a message saying "she was hacked!  Please delete the e-mail with the download link".

An I.T. friend of mine says I was lucky.  When I clicked the first link, that might have been enough to mess up my computer.  Lucky it wasn't and that I called Tsuyako's office before clicking the PDF download.

Be careful about these unusual e-mails.  When in doubt, don't click!

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