kamohoali'i street in kalihi valley

Every Hawaiian Island with roads (pretty much all except Kahoolawe) has roads with Hawaiian street names. Often times we live on or drive by a street regularly and we don't know the meaning of the name. Kamohoali'i Street in Kalihi is a street whose name I recently learned about.

Kamohoali'i was the king of sharks. He was a shape shifter, able to appear as other fish and as a human. Kamohoali'i was also known as Kalahiki in the strait between Kahoolawe and Maui. He was also known as a guide to lost sailors, helping them return to the Hawaiian Islands.

Pele, the goddess of fire, was the younger sister of Kamohoali'i.

There you go, a bit of info about Kamohoali'i and this street in Kalihi.  To get there, take Kalihi Street mauka (towards the mountain, heading from town) and look for Kamohoali'i Street before you reach Kalihi-Uka Elementary School.

Aloha, Mike